Case Studies

Case Studies

Lessons from the field

Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education

We recently completed a FIPSE-funded update of simSchool, granted to the University of North Texas with a subcontract to CurveShift. In this project, we validated the underlying psychological model, created new units of study, provided guidance to a research team, and collaborated on the creation of new instructional materials designed for preservice education. Contact Professors Gerald Knezek and Rhonda Christensen of UNT for more information.

Special Education Models

Under a grant to UNT by the National Science Foundation, we worked with university researchers to develop new special education units of study for simSchool. Contact Professor Tandra Tyler-Wood for more information.

Innovative e-Portfolio in Nursing Education

CurveShift's "eFolio" is being used by Thomas Edison State College School of Nursing to track individual growth.