Operating Partners

CURVESHIFT has ongoing partnerships with graphics production, programming, data analysis, professional development and strategic planning organizations and individuals who have worked on with us for over 10 years.

Project Partners

Since CURVESHIFT has a unique relationship to Research and Development in education, many of our clients are also partners in research, development, implementation and evaluation projects. These unique relationships have led to a number of regional & national efforts including the following:

    • Researched and designed an online case-based reasoning application
  • SimSchool
    • Led the research and design for a new teaching simulator
  • Vermont Institutes
    • Served as research, development & evaluation partner on several projects
  • The Teaching Research Institute at Western Oregon University
    • Co-led a PT3 grant that created teaching simulations
  • Lynch School of Education at Boston University
    • Researched and designed a learning framework for online delivery of a Master's program

We have also served as technical advisors on a number of projects, including: