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Learners benefit from expert models, guidance and feedback leading to work, which demonstrates what they know and are able to do. An eFolio program in your school or organization provides a way for learners to certify their achievement, develop self-direction, receive critical feedback from trusted advisors, and to build electronic portfolios of their work.

If you are a brand new student and have never had an eFolio, visit eFolio Global to join your institution's program and purchase access to the eFolio. At that site, you will find a green button to start the process and you will find your institution in a drop-down list. All of your information will get to the right place!

Please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your full name and the program you want to join so we can match you up with the right group! Thanks.

The eFolio is a collaboration tool that allows a group of professors, teachers and advisors to help learners meet individual and institutional goals for learning and build an e-portfolio that demonstrates achievement and program completion.

The eFolio toolkit includes tools for creating:

  • Performance-based assessments and link those to classes, programs and certification programs.
  • Surveys and reporting instruments
  • Standards for linking goals and artifacts of work and the validation of those works to high expectations, and
  • Group and individual profiles and portfolios to document and display progress over time, best pieces, and the achievement of high standards.