Products and Services

CURVESHIFT can custom design case-based online learning experiences for your school or organization. Our growing collection of cases in education include technology integration and planning, school and classroom equity, special education, and several subject areas of teaching. We can help you custom build a collection of your own to address your pressing concerns.

Online Simulations

Simulations offer a highly engaging practice arena for professionals to develop knowledge and skills. That's why pilots go back into simulators every six months for re-training! In education, we're just beginning to see the benefits. CURVESHIFT can help you and your teams utilize existing simulations and build custom ones to fit your needs in teacher and administrator training.

simSchool Podcast 

Currently version 2.0 the SimSchool allows one to select the learner characteristics for any actual school in the U.S. The simulator will then configure a classroom to that schools' demographics with a variety of performance profiles, so that a teacher can practice the art of adapting lessons and teaching approaches that maximize individual student achievement. Research based on simSchool ranges from psychometrics of dynamic digital learning spaces and the data challenges of dynamic streaming performance information to implementation issues in higher education; all papers are available for free in the simSchool e-library.